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Responsive Single Page React Portfolio

Product Details

A Responsive Portfolio Template having email service inclusive
built using React JS, MD Bootstrap and other great libraries. It can be used to
showcase person's or brand products and projects and also for sending emails.

It is easily readable, editable and usable.

It allows your client to learn a lot about you all in a single page.

It  has an integrated email service using which very easy to
get started with.

You can easily add pictures of products and projects with there
prices or prices range

It also very responsive.

Product Features
1. It is very Responsive.
2. Built with React JS and MD Bootstrap
3. It has email service integrated to enable visitors or client send messages directly to your email address through the site
4. It is very easy to read and edit and recreate.
5. You can showcase your projects or products and their prices on the site.
6. Component About your details: name, profession, button to download your CV and a preface to gain the visitors attention.
7. Services and list of you do.
8. Past Customers Testimonials
9. Fun fact about you or your brand.
10. A Portfolio Component showing you pass projects and products with their prices.
11. A Contact Form Component you can use to receive message from the visitors on your portfolio site.
12. Footer that shows your contact info and address and your email address
13. It a single page template and help your client to learn about you in one piece
14. Clickable phone number and email address for business call
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Version 1.1 - Jul 5, 2021

Integrated Email Service to enable visitor on the portfolio site send direct message to the user/portfolio owner

Product Versions

Responsive Single Page React Portfolio - Version 1.1 - Jul 5, 2021

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