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Real Time Gesture Recognition with Python 22 Gestures

Product Details

Gesture Recognition APP

+ 22 gesture recognition system with camera (python3 and opencv3 )

This Project consists of real time Hand Gestures Recognizer  ,

the model is build on Dsnet Architecture with pytorch .

I add some line of code to manipulate youTube videos with your Hands 

for example for swipe left the next video will launch 

when you zoom in with your hand the video will pause etc .

here we work on 22 gestures :

1 - Swiping Left
2- Swiping Right
3- Swiping Down
4 - Swiping Up
5- Pushing Hand Away
6- Pulling Hand In
7- Sliding Two Fingers Left
8- Sliding Two Fingers Right
9- Sliding Two Fingers Down
10- Sliding Two Fingers Up
11- Pushing Two Fingers Away
12- Pulling Two Fingers In
13- Rolling Hand Forward
14- Rolling Hand Backward
15- Turning Hand Clockwise
16- Turning Hand Counterclockwise
17- Zooming In With Full Hand
18- Zooming Out With Full Hand
19- Zooming In With Two Fingers
20- Zooming Out With Two Fingers
21- Thumb Up
22- Drumming Fingers 

Else there's no gestures 

after you buy the code source i will send you the weights file (+ 600 MB )

i can't upload it here ! 

Product Features
Real Time Gesture Recognition with Python 22 Gestures Gesture Recognition APP 22 gesture recognition with camera (python and opencv3 )This project was initially used with a humanoid robot to create an interactive user experience. In this interactive display, the robot waved if a human in its field of view waved at it.
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