Python Shop Management System

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22 Jun,2020
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Tkinter App

This is a simple Emt Shop Sales Management System Created in Python Tkinter by Python Developer, Emmanuel H. Mtera

About App

This is a simple point of sale app, which basically has about Five Functions which are :

  1. Analysis

  2. Mobile Money for Tanzania only

  3. Receipt or Single Customer Option

  4. Shop (Where daily sales are entered)

  5. Product Management (Where you manage all of your products)

How to Use

  1. For existing users, Login into the administration panel and choose a service

  2. For new users click on login then click on createuser so as to create a new user

  3. All options are straight foward and easy to use

Highest Price
Lowest Price
Average Price
AI Price Forecast
Start to Communicate (If you want to start communication with the seller about this item, you can start here)

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