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Python Django Based Doctor and Patient Record System

Product Details
Log in and sign up system with authentication
Only active user can log in to the system
Doctors can see the record entered by them individually and in groups too
Form Model VIEW is followed
Class based approach
Sqlite database
Proper Sqlite queries are written to retrieve data for specific groups.
Features like Detail view and ListView are used for rendering data in to templates.
The django build in Login and logout functions are used which can be reused in any project as base start.
Main classes are:
SignInViaUsernameForm, SignInViaEmailForm, SignInViaEmailOrUsernameForm, SignUpForm,
RestorePasswordForm, RestorePasswordViaEmailOrUsernameForm, RemindUsernameForm,
ResendActivationCodeForm, ResendActivationCodeViaEmailForm, ChangeProfileForm, ChangeEmailForm,PatientForm,Patientdata,changeDataa,

Model View template is followed
Product Features
This project is about entering records of patients in form Group.

Groups are made by admin and doctors are added in respective groups.

Doctors added in groups can add the data of specific patients.

Doctors can see and edit the data of the patients in assigned groups.
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