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19 Oct,2019
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ProPlacement is a solution for insurance companies. ProPlacement is a software that handles various types of investments: Securities, Receivable account, Short-Term Bonds, and Monetary investment. A Client / Server solution centralizing all data and informations. Expandable and secured ProPlacement is written in Visual Basic (version 6.0 +). The source code need Cyrstal Report 8 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and up. 


Manage investment transactions and histories.

control regulation ratios

computes exit value for each Fund

allows a clear and fully automatic accounting

Automatic portfolio valuation

provides a matching for cash accounts

setting up yearly management fees

monitors subscribers subscriptions



  • Equity Securities: subscribed Common Shares and UCITS.

  • Receivable accounts: Bonds and Fixed-rate Bonds.

  • Short-Term Treasure Bonds.

  • Monetary Investments.

Operations On Securities:

  • Detached rights.

  • Conversion rights.

  • Assimilations.

  • Detached dividends.

Operations On Debt Securities:

  • Coupons attached for Interest.

  • Coupons attached for Principal.

Managing underwriters:

  • Subscriber Record.

  • Subscribers Registers .

  • Equity Structure.

Operations Management:

  • Subscription.

  • Redemption.

  • Pledge.

  • Release collateral.

  • Operations log.


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