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Portfolio Template

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This portfolio starter pack is made using React. The data on the portfolio is directly linked to a JSON file. Any changes to the portfolio can be made in the JSON file. The changes will then be reflected on to the portfolio. This allows you to customize your own personal portfolio that can be used for applying to jobs or other personal uses.

LIVE DEMO: Portfolio Template

If you need to use this portfolio for your own personal website then follow the steps below:

## 1. Initial Setup Procedures

Firstly, you will need to download the latest version of Node by <a href="">CLICKING HERE</a>

## 2. Building a Create-React-App

Next, you will build the application using Create-React-App. Go <a href="">HERE</a> to get started. (A video demonstration of this step can be found in our Zero to Full Stack Hero module)
Once the build procedure is finished run the command `cd yourappname` and then `npm start` to confirm the app works

## 3. Download the template

Once the steps above have been followed successfully, download the code above using the green button.
IMPORTANT: You will have to replace the "public" and "src" folders of your newly built app with the downloaded code. Run the command `npm start` after and you should see a similar render like the LIVE DEMO link above. If it is not the same then go back to Step 1 and try again.

## 4. Fill in your personal info

To populate the website with all of your own data, open the public/resumeData.json file and simply replace the data in there with your own. Images for the porfolio section are to be put in the public/images/portfolio folder.

 ## 5. (OPTIONAL) Replacing images and/or fonts

If you want to display your own pictures then you have to replace the files at these locations: public/images/header-background.jpg, public/images/testimonials-bg.jpg and public/favicon.ico. FILE NAMES MUST NOT BE CHANGED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

 ## 7. Finalising Resume

Once all the formatting and data input is finalised, run the command `npm start` and you'll see your resume on local host.
Run the command `npm run init` to set up a new or existing npm package. Then run `npm install` and then finally run `npm run build`. This will create a dedicated build folder.

 ## 8. Host Resume Online

Go to <a href="">Netlify</a> and drag and drop the build folder there. Follow the instructions and your personalised resume will be online!

Product Features
This is a ReactJS based personal resume website template. Data is fed directly from a JSON File. This means that in its final form, it can be customized and used by anybody simply by filling in their own personal info into the JSON file and the changes will be dynamically fed into the site. If you would like to use this template for your own personal resume website, zip code will be provided after your purchase.

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