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OmniCart eCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Classified Ads Platform

OmniCart eCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Classified Ads Platform


04 Oct,2021


Product inspected by PieceX

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Product inspected by PieceX

Created by avatar pixobit

04 Oct,2021

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Product Details

OmniCart can be used as either a fully featured multi vendor marketplace or as a single vendor e-commerce system. It's built with simplicity in mind, while being feature rich, with a clean and easy to extend codebase. It's optimized for performance, and easy management with all kinds of advanced features, like group operations, backup system, logging, widgets, and much more.

OmniCart also supports digital products with license key generation, and API verification.

Demo Credentials


Password: admin

Product Features
Selling of physical and digital products

License Key generation, with integrated license verification for sold products
Attributes (Category based)
Variations (Efficiently create product variations)
Regular & Sale Price
Refund Support
Product Statuses (Pending, Draft, Hidden, Out of Stock, Deleted)
Vendor or Admin based shipping options (Automatically calculates shipping price based on location and weight)
Sorting (Most Recent, Lowest/Highest Price, Highest Rated)
Advanced filter system with dynamic product count (Categories, Price, Category based attributes, and thumbnails change based on the filters variation match)
Bank Transfer Checkout
Cash on Delivery Checkout
Credit Card Checkout
Guest Checkout (Can be set based on payment method)
Direct Checkout (Skipping the cart)
Keep track of guest orders by email, so they have access to everything when they sign up
Order Statuses (Pending Payment, On Hold, Processing, Shipped, Cancelled, Completed, Refunded, Pending Approval)
Untrackable order numbers (for ex. #094F284E)
Invoice generation
User Registration
Email Verification
Reset forgotten Password
User impersonation
Blogging (With Hidden status support)
Blog Comments
Import Products
Export Products
Member & Product Search Bar
Profile page
Phone number protection against bots in the profile info
Follow/Unfollow Stores
Profile Reviews
Shop Reviews
Product Reviews
Product Questions & Answers
Custom Pages
Social Sharing
Contact Page
Media Manager
Maintenance Mode
SEO Tools
Easy to use update system
Great image quality (using webp, with fallback to jpg)
Highly customizable
Customizable footer links (widgets)
Customizable Slider (widget)
Multilingual site & content
Multi currency with free exchange rate implementation
Mega menu (Slide menu on mobile)
Optimized for 3 screen sizes (Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop)
SEO friendly (Supports rich data)
Fast page load
Uses the latest technologies
Can add customizations to
Highest Price
Average Price
Lowest Price
AI Price Forecast


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