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My Book app Make your own iOS app using Swift and Core Data

Product Details

My Book app is a project that lets you build your own Book app using Swift for iOS.

  • It provides a clean and beautiful reading experience with an option to highlight and share your favorite sections from the chapters.
  • You can also bookmark any chapter at any point while reading so that you can resume from wherever you left off.
  • The app also provides the ability to increase font size or screen brightness.
  • Dark mode is also supported based on your iOS settings so that you read comfortably without straining your eyes.
  • You can replace the text to your choice of content to be able to read any book.

This code is similar to my own app that I have live on the App Store

Product Features
- A simple, minimal book app that lets you read through the chapters of a book
- Fully customizable i.e replace the JSON in the code with any HTML and your book is ready to read
- Has highlight and bookmark functionality
- Uses Core Data
- Uses UITableViewDiffableDataSource & shows how to use trailingSwipeActionsConfigurationForRowAt delegate method
- Implements a custom font (the app uses Georgia)
- Shows how to open a share sheet
- Shows techniques for asking user reviews through Apple's requestReview methods
- Supports Dynamic Text Type & VoiceOver operations
- Tested on Xcode 12.4
- Works on iOS 14 and has a minimum deployment target of iOS 13
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Version 1.1 - May 10, 2021

Verified that the code works on the latest version of Xcode.

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My Book app Make your own iOS app using Swift and Core Data - Version 1.1 - May 10, 2021

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