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Mass emails sender including reoccurrence planning

Mass emails sender including reoccurrence planning


05 Jul,2021


Created by avatar StanislavVrabel

05 Jul,2021

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Product Details

Help you web is a web-based application.

The following are the major system functionalities:

• Register user in Help You Web website.

• User can manage Help You Web account.

• Ability to plan email schedules.

• Ability to edit, delete and sent at once email schedules.

• Store email addresses for email schedules.

• Administrators have access to Hangfire dashboard.

Client requirement

As Help You Web is a web application it could be run on most of custom operating systems via a web browser. Help You Web was tested with Chrome 91.0 and IE 91.0 and no problem was found.

Server Requirement

The following technologies are required for Help You Web server.

• IIS 10.0

• ASP.NET Core Runtime 5.0

• SQL Express or Server 2019

• SMTP service

Product Features
Solution contains two projects. One created from standard .NET template for MVC and one for testing. Identity is used for authentication and authorization as part of MVC project. Upper menu bar and common footer was used for all Help You Web pages.

MVC architecture is used as main part of Help You Web project. Identity as also part of MVC project but it is using Razor Pages technology with SMTP server. Email schedules are using SMTP server with standard .NET library. Test project is built with XUNIT and it is separated to layers
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Version 1.1 - Jul 5, 2021

HelpYouWeb Version 1.0

Version 1.2 - Jul 6, 2021

Improved validation messages. Repaired grammar mistake in menu.

Product Versions

Mass emails sender including reoccurrence planning - Version 1.1 - Jul 5, 2021

Mass emails sender including reoccurrence planning - Version 1.2 - Jul 6, 2021

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