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Library Inventory Management

Product Details

Library is place for education and entertainment. Our duty is to
manage each and every resource of our library efficiently and
intelligently. In the world of technology today, it is not a trivial
task to perform as long as we have the right tools/software. The
Library Inventory Management software is dedicated to manage library's
resources efficiently and effectively.

Suppose, your local community library (or, educational organization)
has a rich library full of books, videos, DVD’s and audios.  How are
they being lend out to members today?  erhaps, by writing their name
and phone number in a piece of paper.  In some cases, If the librarian
(or, the person responsible for managing the library materials) knows
the member, he/she just gives it to them without storing any
information.  The process may work OK for a very small community of
people but is still highly inefficient.  It gets worst when the
community is large.  It is almost impossible to write/store pages of
information about the checked out library items.  Besides, it is
extremely time consuming to search for the lost/late returned library
items. How do we manage these valuable library resources ?  In this modern world of technology, we should leave that task to Library
Inventory Management.

Product Features
* Secure login for members, power users and administrators
* Manage Library Items like audio, video, books, DVDs
* Manage Power Users and Members
* Custom reminder emails
* Custom check out limit associated with penalty fees
* Various supported look and feels
* Fully integrated user friendly comprehensive help system
* Supports Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL & Oracle. The code can easily be modified to support other databases as well
* Customizable user friendly search for all module
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Version 1.1 - Nov 30, 2021

Added compiled class file as well for convenience

Version 1.2 - Nov 30, 2021

Added shell script for Linux and Mac

Product Versions

Library Inventory Management - Version 1.1 - Nov 30, 2021

Library Inventory Management - Version 1.2 - Nov 30, 2021

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