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This is a customisable keyboard component/plugin for Ionic 2 Framework applications. It takes a string array as input that will define the keys of the keyboard, so you can choose to build a keyboard with anything you want! It can be an hexadecimal values, numerical values, or any predefined strings...
How to Use:
Simply copy the component files in your Ionic project, and use it in you html file.
There is also a demo application included, to help you integrate the component in your project.
For more details, please refer to the UserGuide.pdf

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were can i download Ionic Custom Keyboard

Clemich38 Seller

To download the Ionic Customisable Keyboard, please add it to your cart, proceed the purchase and then you will get a link to download it by mail. Thanks.

Keng Wang

Can it support Ionic 4 app ?

Clemich38 Seller

It has only been tested with Ionic 2, so it may work but it's not officially supported. Thanks.

| Jun 4, 2018 | Price : 8$

Works great on my android. Keep up the good work.Thank you so much.

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