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Hospital Management software

Product Details

This project is a Hospital Management Application that was developed using C# as the front-end and MS SQL Server Database as the backend. This program manages the hospital's employees' appointments, patients, Transactions, billing, and more. The system has multiple user types which are the Administrator, Cashier, Doctor, Nurse, and Pharmacist. The Admin users have access and can manage all the features that the software/application does while the others are restricted and can only access the feature that corresponds to their system user types. the admin users are the only ones who can add an employee and a system user. The system has 4 modules which are the Pharmacist, Nurse Yard, Cashier, and Doctor. Each module's features will be listed below.

Product Features

Manage Supplier
Manage Stocks
Manage Schedule
Sell Items(Medicinal Drugs/Equipment)
Nurse Yard

Manage Checkups
Manage Appointments
Manage Patients

Manage Transaction
Manage Appointments

Manage Consultation
Manage Appointment
View Patient Records

As I have said earlier, the admin has full control of the system which means the Admin can manage all of the above including the ff:

Manage Employee List
Manage Users
Manage Department
Backup Database
Highest Price
Average Price
Lowest Price
AI Price Forecast


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