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This is the source code for an app that is made in python to record, maintain and view records of daily expenditure at our house. this app also represents the expenditure in the form of graph when you try to view the the records. An in-built calculator is provided along with the app to make the calculations easier. The Zip folder contains an windows installer, .PY format source code and then .exe file.

you can use which ever you need. This code is made based on simple codes and modules of python.This code can be useful even for beginners who are learning about the basics of loops, message boxes , tkinter and lists.

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BLUEFALCONX0113 07 Jul, 2020

can we have price negotiations\n

BLUEFALCONX0113 07 Jul, 2020

hi i am interested in your software ....\n

AsishGouda4950 17 Jun, 2020

Hi i need to discuss this

Programming wiz Seller 22 Jun, 2020


Programming wiz Seller 22 Jun, 2020

We shall discuss. What's your question

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