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Firebase - Angular - Ionic v5

Application for the tracking of coordinates in realtime, control and delivery of orders, module development for tracking through the gps and where these coordinates are captured in our backend system made in Javascript (Firestore - Cloud Functions). This system is also available the code of the backend is given after having acquired the application of ionic

Capture is done through the background continuously and sent to a database in Firestore, then display the tracking in google maps

Functioning List of Orders Order Details Report Form (Image, Text, Geolocation (Position) Map to locate the direction of the orders (Google Maps). Using the plugins

Google MapsGeocodeCameraStorage ImageGeolocationGPS Tracking - backgroundBackground ModeNavigator Launcher

This application has a plugin that allows you to integrate with applications like google maps, waze to find the best route between two points

You must add the platforms to the project, either android or iOS

App Customer where you can request a route or transport for your orders, you can verify the value of the route including its destination, making the request, which will arrive at the Admin Dashboard.
App Driver, this application allows you to see the assigned orders, delivery form, includes, photo capture, geolocation, signature, description. You can track the route and capture it in real time by driver, you can view it on the dashboard in the Maps section - Tracking
Angular App version 10 includes user management (CRUD), orders (CRUD), tracking query by driver, graphs, order board, orders requested by customer
Cloud Function project, where emails are sent, orders reports
Firebase - Auth - Firestore - Hosting - Functions

Remember that you must create a project in Firebase, to be able to host your entire database (Firestore). Those credentials are placed in the project environment.

Dashboard application screen capture for order management and tracking (Examples)

Dashboard Main - Graphics - Orders


Orders - Graphics - Orders


Create Orders


Tracking of Routes taken from the application


Order assignment board


Setting Region for Customer (Zone)


User (CRUD)


Demo Dashboard

Demo App Driver:

Demo App Customer:

More Information:

What includes ?

  • App Customer Ionic v5 (Code)
  • App Driver Ionic v5 (Code)
  • Dashboard Angular v10 (All Code - Services - Components)
  • Cloud Functions Project (Code)

You must use a firebase account to be able to use the database

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