Food and Beverages Ordering System

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29 Jun,2020
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The Food &
Beverages Ordering System  is a new
system that can replaces the current manual processes for ordering breakfast,
lunches or dinner . It combines traditional paper ordering with modern wireless
ordering and it is a major innovation in the restaurant industry. Any dishes
can be updated in real-time and cashier so that this can save the cashier time
and also the restaurant can save endless costs of recipes, menus and other
handmade things, which appears to solve the traditional menu’s problems of
short-period, dirty, chaotic because of the poor management, and finally
improves the quality of the restaurant. There are two users that can access to
the system which is cashier and admin. Cashier or waiter can take their order
directly through this system. Cashier able to choose the meals from the menu
that was take by waiter. For users that enter as admin, they are able to update
the menu such as add, edit and delete menu from the list. Admin also can view
the sales report.

User scope:

Admin: i) Create new admin and edit staff details

               ii)Add,update,delete menu

               iii) Update user password

                iv) View sale report

Staff: i) Add order

           ii) Manage Order such as update order, delete order and cancel order.

           ii) Make a refund if customer have a problem with the order.

           iii) View Sale.

Security Policy:

1. Password in database are hash by following the data integrity.

2. Password has been set to strong password by using regex password.

Regular Expression:

1. Password: User must enter the password by following the correct expression like more than 8 characters, uppercase,lowercase and number.

2. Email: User must enter correct email format such as

3. Number: User can enter digit only.

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