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Food Recipe app is an iOS platform application which can be used for making application about food recipes. With more than 200 recipes already included in this app, it is a super various content for food lovers, chefs, and cooking experts. 

This application is fully native, created in the latest Xcode version, support all latest feature of the iOS platform to provide the best user experience. The application is specially optimized, extremely easy to configure, and detailed documentation attached. You can easily create your own application about any food recipes.


This app has 5 smooth screens:

  • Home (menu slide show with 10 categories and search icon at the top)

  • Search (search bar with the horizontal slide show of all recipes, some keywords)

  • Recipe Details (a beautiful design with a large image of the dish, nutrients information, material, and method )

  • Shopping (where you can manage your list to prepare the dishes and make sure you do not miss anything, you can easily add or delete ingredients)

  • Setting (You have some tool with Admob, Rate App, Feedback function)


  • You need a Macbook or MacOS computer with Xcode IDE installed (latest version), you can easily download in here

  • You will need a Google Admob account to use ads I already attached, just simply change the ads code number

  • You will need a Firebase account if want to chase this app with metrics

    You will need a developer account if want to publish this interesting app on App Store  


  •  FIND recipes that fit your dietary needs. Search recipes by suggesting: Vegetarian, Low Carb, Healthy Food recipes, and more.

  •  LEARN, step-by-step cooking instructions.

  •  SEARCH, by meal, cuisine, or ingredient, personalized for you and gets smarter with every recipe

  • ADD entire recipes to your grocery list. You can add a full recipe to your shopping list

  • Admob already attached

  • All device support even latest like iPhone 11 family 

  • Built-in Xcode using Swift 5.x, iOS 13+

Have questions, please contact my Info:


Skype: HaiNeo

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Kkool 06 Jun, 2020

How much will be the stated upgrade be in total?am not the techy type of guy...please explain further

HaiPham2190 Seller 06 Jun, 2020

According to your desire. I guess you want to have a forum or community that different users can interact with each other. This will need a server and some backend logic to handle it. Currently this app is running with offline mode, if you want to upgrade like you want, it maybe cost at least $1500 for development

Kkool 06 Jun, 2020

Can the app be interactive be reskin,where user can take a snap of what they are cooking,like,follow,comment and chat

HaiPham2190 Seller 06 Jun, 2020

Yes, you can upgrade these above you want into this app.

MrsOjota7085 27 May, 2020


HaiPham2190 Seller 27 May, 2020

Thanks. That's a quality and suitable product for you. Do you have any questions?

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