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It provides with basic data analysis of all your expenses. It uses Google Colab files. First you need to have Google Spreads integrated, where you write your expenses in a particular order predefiened. The code is launched in the Colab page and in each step, it shows the visualization of the features.

Once you define the Google spreads, you can launch your Jupiter Notebook, which can easily be integrated in any Google account. You execute step by step all the operations and show the charts with the information.

This small app is really useful for individuals who want to have a responsible detailed record of all their expenses so you can save more while having more control.

Source Code Features

It's writen in Python using Jupiter NW's.
It uses the following libraries:

Highest Price
Lowest Price
Average Price
AI Price Forecast
Start to Communicate (If you want to start communication with the seller about this item, you can start here)

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