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Email Validator is a simple, and powerful Windows Application offering instant email address validation & verification via syntax checks, typo, and spelling checks, SMTP checks, free and disposable provider filtering, and much more. It's pursuing
the goal of assisting developers and businesses in fighting fraudulent users and increasing success rates of email campaigns.

The validator will tell you if an email belongs to a free domain e.g (,, and will also tell you if it is toxic, disposable.

Our Tool offers MX Record Detection and will tell you if an MX Record was found for the domain being checked.

Our Email Verification Tool gives a big picture overview of what your data looks like.


If you buy the product from Piecex, you will get  20,000 requests at just $59.

Steps to Activate Product:

1. Once you buy a product from Piecex, you will get .zip file which contains '.exe' file.

2. To get the activation key, go to the Support Page and raise a request and include your Piecex Invoice number in a subject. You will get your 32 digit activation key
within 24hrs.


3. Install the package on your computer. (ref. Demo Video)

4. Once software installed, you need to open in the admin context by just right-clicking on the installed icon.

5. Go to the 'Registration' section and enter your activation Key and submit. You need to restart the application before use.

Demo Version:

We have provided 50 requests free in Free Plan. You have to log in Email Validator Tool and select the Free plan.


Support will be available in case you are facing any issue while installing software.

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