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Boom Project is an open source boom contract uploaded to blockchain  Ethereum. Cryptocurrency - international and decentralized. Money is not stored in the system. All transactions are 100% from wallets to  participants' wallets.

Wallets are anonymous. Boom contract will exist  as long as the blockchain exists Ethereum, and even the creators of a  boom contract will not be able to delete or change its terms. This is  the best that mankind could come up with in recent years. The most  secure, decentralized money machine is now available to everyone! You  are eligible to join as long there is an interest of being financially  independent.

This project was developed by a Nigerian youth TOCHI and its up for sale to interested buyer.

Its fully protected.

Admin Area is highly secured

Very Responsive

Full Management Control

100% Decentralized

Admin Area is responsive

Simple interface

Easy to use


Username: userone

Password: userone123

Username: usertwo

Password: usertwo123

Site Features


Multi theme

User registration with data validation

Password recovery page

Login page using wallet and password

FAQ page

About the page

Contact page

Account page

Active Deposits

User Wallet

User E-mail

Reference Counter

Total reference fees

List of deposits with date, amount and profit

Affiliates Page

Affiliate Link

List of references

Account configurations

Email address

Change Password

Administration Features


Homepage with important information blocks

Users => List, Delete, Edit

Admins => List, Edit, Delete

Messages => List, edit, reply, delete

Transactions => List, display, delete

Deposits => List, see details

Withdraws => List, view details

Withdraw Requests => List, delete, pay

Pages => List, edit, delete, add

Faqs => List, edit, delete, add

Settings => Edit site settings

Highest Price
Lowest Price
Average Price
AI Price Forecast
Start to Communicate (If you want to start communication with the seller about this item, you can start here)
david1001 26 Jul, 2020


david1001 26 Jul, 2020


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