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This code lets you visualize the latest crypto currency price data with beautiful graphs.
Using JavaScript.
Easy to use and implement on any website.

- Mouse over any position on the graph to get the exact price at the time.
- Dynamic Resizing
- Variables styles / colors
- Most big coins supported
- Including icon files for these coins
- Latest live charts
How to Use:
It contains 1 html, 1 js, 1core css file and various css files for themes. It also contains a folder with public domain icons for all the coins.
The code is structured as a pseudo-class object, which has public and private functions. This is so that its super easy to adapt to your code and extend, since its unlikely it already does what you need it to.
No manual javascript calls are needed, you simply embed the javascript. After that you add tags for each graph.
Feel free to customize the css to change the style.
However for the functionality you just have to add tags with the class name "ecg- chart". You can see all the data settings used.

Read more in the guide.

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| Sep 15, 2018 | Price : 9$

I love that uou can just mouse over any point in time and get a little info

Jose Haroldo A S J
| Jan 3, 2020 | Price : $


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