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Clinic Management Software

Product Details

My Clinic is a multi-tenant cloud solution designed for clinics. (Outpatient management software,
Practice management software)

The software enables healthcare providers to improve operational effectiveness, reduce time consumption and enhance delivery of quality of care.

It is the best solution for every specialty to maintain clinical records of patients and provide all necessary reports.

The software allow Clinics/Doctors to manage their patient’s data, appointments, consultations, payments, clinic specific stock, expenses and so much more.

Why using such a software?

  1. Doctors will be able to organize all clinic’s data and patient’s information. It will allow them to focus on their patient’s health rather on managing manually the appointments, check if they have sufficient stock and more.

  2. Doctors will have a full history about their patient so they can help them better (all consultation, payment history, appointment history, prescribed medications and others are available in the software)

  3. Clinic insight:
    • Doctors will have access to all clinic statistics such as:
      1. Total Number of patients.

      2. Total number of appointments and consultations.

      3. The number of appointments and consultations per month and per year.

      4. Number of visits statistics per day in a particular year. Doctor will be able to see visits rush days versus least days, so for example they can find the right time for a vacation.

      5. They will know what diseases are the most common to patients and what are the most commonly prescribed medical treatments.

    • Income:
      1. View your total income per month and year.

      2. View your income versus your expenses per month and year.

      3. Check if you are earning money.

    • Expenses:
      1. Find the most expensive category.

      2. Compare your current expenses with your income.

      3. Compare the monthly and yearly expenses versus the clinic income.

  4. A clinic can have one or many doctors. Each doctor’s data is private. It can have one secretary for many doctors, the doctor can specify the security privileges for her. A doctor can be member of different clinics.

  5. The system is available in English, French and Arabic.


Demo of My Clinic: link

Login using:

Password: P@$$w0rdCSA

Product Features
Multi-tenant Software designed for clinics.
Online, Secure and Simple Layout.
Modern, User Friendly & Powerful Interface.
Support LTR and RTL Layouts.
Support English, French and Arabic.
Patient Medical Record.
Appointments Management.
Consultations Management.
Dentist Consultations specialized screen.
Stock Management.
Payment Management.
Expenses Management.
Reporting and tracking.
Video Documentations.
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