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Bookstore management software

Product Details
This is the project all about managing bookstore data so if we want to manage the data related books ,customer,staff,and supplier then this software is very helpful. This software provides all the features which are necessary to handle any bookstore. Starting from adding details to making customer Bill's it helps a lot. Firstly we can store all books,customer supplier and staff details and also we can update or delete the data if necessary. Then we can make the record of which book to order and from which supplier and which books is received and from which supplier.

This will done in the purchase order and order receive screen.

when a customer wants to buy a book then customer order is a screen in this software by which we can perform all the calculators of bill and finally bill is generated and also we can print that bill in pdf format and save it in our computer.

also if the owner of the bookstore wants to change the address of a bill then update bill is a screen where he can change his address, contact number, email address and his bookstore's logo.
and finally change password is a screen in which if admin wants to change the password he can change it.

also there is one more screen to add admin means this software gives access to multiple admins.
Product Features
1.User Friendly:
The system is user friendly because the retrieval and storing of data is fast and data is maintained efficiently. Moreover the graphical user interface is provided in the proposed system which provides user to deal with the system very easily.
2.No or Very Few Paper Work:
The system either does not require paper work or very few paper work is required. All the data is inserted into the computer immediately. Since all the data is kept in a file, no data can be destroyed. Moreover work becomes very easy because there is no need to keep data on papers.
3.Computer Operator Control:
Computer operator control will be there no errors. Moreover storing and retrieving of information is easy. So work can done speedily and in time.
4. Less time consuming and easy to use:
The system is less time consuming and easy to use. By using this new system we can save our time. We can easily search any record in less time.
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Version 1.1 - Jul 26, 2021

If I update this I will add some extra features such as more screens and more facility to handle the bookstore. Currently I have made a project for small bookstore shop but in case of a large and many branches bookstore I will update as required.

Product Versions

Bookstore management software - Version 1.1 - Jul 26, 2021

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