Angular 9 Quiz APP PHP 7 4 REST API

20 Jun,2020
User Guide Document


1. Register, login with email cofirmation,  forgot password, change password

2. Create, edit, delete , clone a quiz

3. 6 questions types

4. Config:

Allow back, Allow review, Auto move when answer, Require all before submit, Shuffle questions, Shuffle options, Show clock, Show pagination, Duration (minutes)

5. Add score for every question, drag and drop questions (change position)

6. Create keys/urls

7. Possibility to start /stop the key

8 Possibility to see the students online (when they login)

9, The students can login only with key and name (no private data)

10. Reports for key, possibility to download report for user

11. All requests protected by


12. Used mysqli statements, protected for sql injections

13. Used

JWT Authentication

14 Responsive for all devices

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