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API APP is a mobile App that runs under an Android platform developed with Native Java Language to make the app run fast and smoothly. Implement Google Material Design to make the app beautiful in design and user experience.

You can create your own unique app by just changing the API Which you can easily find on the Internet for free. I use TheMovieDB API you can use any API that you want.
I explained that How to Select API, Change API, etc in Video tutorials
that you can find in the Video section of the Documentation Folder.
It have Admin App Source Code which use to Send Push notification.

Clean code and good design is the main priority, by using this app, you can save your money and time in creating an app for your own native mobile app.

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Product Features
App Features:-
1. Google Firebase Database.
2. Google Analytics.
3. In-app Purchase.
4. Push Notification from Admin App.
5. Dark Mode.
6. Like System.
7. Login System.
8. Login with Google One Click.
9. Advance Search.
10. Amazing Animation Design and More.
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Version 1.1 - Apr 9, 2021

Minor API bug Fixed

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API App with Admin App Change the API Change the App - Version 1.1 - Apr 9, 2021

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