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Title School Web App Mobile App

DashBoard  Setup( User can customize graphical Dash Board )
Inquery Manager Setup( User can add, delete New Field , choose Pre-Define Field )
  New Inquery
New Admission >
  Setup( User can add, delete New Field , choose Pre-Define Field )
  ID Card Genration
Class Management >
  Setup( User can add, delete New Field , choose Pre-Define Field )
  House & Generate Roll No. (Allocate house)
  Change Class & Division  (  User can Add new class & new Division )
  Customize Report  
Commmunication >
  Daily Diary
  Send SMS
  View SMS Count
  SMS Settings ->
Subject Plan & Lession Planning   
  Setup ( Create New Subject , delete , or choose Pre-Defibe Subject )
  Lession Plan ( Reference take from Teacher APP)
  Manage Class Subject 
  Add Teacher Subject 
  Assign subject to Teacher 
Class Test >
  Setup ( Create New Class Test  , delete , or choose Pre-Defibe Class test , Class Type )
  Upload Marks
Report Card >
  Setup ( Create New  Report Card  , delete , or choose Pre-Define field ( Grade, Term , Subject Order , Exam Type )
  Upload Marks
  Report Card Setting ( Pre-define Tampletes )
Message Desk  >
  Desk Message
Meal Plan >
  Create Meal Menu
  ADD/ Edit Meal
Adminstration >
  Edit Student Info
  Edit Teacher Info
  Edit Driver Info 
  Edit / Remove Device Registration
  Edit / Remove Vendor Details 
Fee Management >
  Setup ( Create New Field or choose Pre-Define filed , delete ( User can not delete Pre-define fileds)
  Free Structure ( Fee Heads, Class fee heads, fee head Nature , Assign fee structure )
  Fee Scheme ( Assign fee scheme, Late fee)
  Fee Payment ( user can print the fee reciept )
  Fee Report ( Customize Fee Report , Pre-define) 
Role Management >
  Setup ( user can create role and choose pre-define role )
  New Role
  Assign Role
Repotrs >
  Setup ( User can create/add/detete new report type , User can create/add/detete new column report& choose pre-define column  )
  Web/app  activity log report
  Subject Report  
  Appointment Report  
  Attendence Report ( Teacher/Student/ Staff Report  )
  Fee Report, Academic Year Wise report 
  Class Report , Test Report , Subject Plan , 
  Inquire, Vendor Report, School Report , Transport Report 
  Schedule Report ( User can schedule the report By time or Mail )
Transportation >
  Manage/ Add   Driver
  Manage Bus Point
  Manage Bus Route
  Assign Bus Routes
Document Manager  
  Setup Template
  Assign Template
  Modify Template
  Upload Important Document ( user can store files PDF,Excel, Doc, JPEG)
Teacher Management   
  Setup( User can add, delete New Field , choose Pre-Define Field )


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