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PiecexAdmin 17 Jun, 2020

Title Car Bidding Android App Solution

Car Auction / Bidding Andriod App solution

We are looking for an auction / bidding software for the car industry, ideally a mobile app for auction buyers, and an administration panel where we can administrate the sales and list the car details:

App Should have below modules.

1. Admin Panel - It allows admin to list all the cars which he wants to sell via Auction / Bidding and allow admin to list down car details such as

- Interior Details
- Exterior Details
- Mechanical Details
- Electrical Details

2. Bidding Management (One Click Bid Management )

- Allow Admin to have minimum or starting Bid prize
- Action button for user to show bidding interest and to start bidding
- User with the highest bidding amount wins the Bid and will buy the car
- Once bid is won by the user car should get disabled from the auction

3. Admin Notification - Admin should receive necessary notifications about the Bid progress

4. User Management - For a users to create account with necessary details so they can be contacted later by admin.


Car Specification

Video of the car

Car type

Tire types


Petrol / Diesel and battery details

Damages / Current condition of the car


Potential fixes to repair damage


We need the solution to allow one-click biding for our customers. The solution should be easy to branding and ready for a fast to deployment.



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akeempositive 18 Jun,2020

Hello, we can give a solution with all enumerated system requirements delivered at an affordable price. Regards, Team Positive Tech

graycelltech 18 Jun,2020

Hi. We can provide a custom solution and the cost will be USD 25k. Thanks Team GrayCell

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