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Restaurant Food Delivery Ordering System With Delivery Boy

Restaurant Food Delivery Ordering System With Delivery Boy This Food Ordering Clone Script is the first of its kind Clone in the world and is ideal for any on-demand delivery business or food delivery apps like UberEats/Postmate/seamless or for even online food ordering websites Easy to set-up buy now Download Apk  Test Your API Connections Now put your link and verify your api links are working or not Test Your API Connection For demo contact us via chat Application features : Register/Login with Facebook Register Login with Google Register/Login with Email Phone No Verification (Twilio) Forgot Password Show Nearby Restaurants Featured Restaurants Featured/promoted Restaurants will come first in the list Search Restaurants Filter Restaurant based on Specialty Restaurant Profile includes Restaurant Name Restaurant Slogan Restaurant Description Restaurant Image Restaurant food delivery price based on user location Restaurant Cooking time Restaurant Delivery Time Restaurant Ratings Restaurant Menu with prices Restaurant Deals Opening and Closing Time Set Favorite Restaurant Payment Cash On delivery Debit/Credit Card (Stripe) Checkout Feature Add to cart Select or add new delivery address Choose Payment Method Delivery / Pickup Promo code Discount Tax Rider tip Free delivery if order met the desired price Order History Track Order Email When user registers New order Push Notifications with firebase Order Detail and status Order is in processing Order has been accepted and Restaurant is processing it Rider is on the way to restaurant for pickup Rider has picked up the food Rider is on the way to customer Rider has delivered the food Rider App Features:Rider can check the button on to start his shiftCan see current or pending jobsCheck order details and user and restaurant addressCan do realtime chat with the support agentRider Profile Weekly Earnings Schedule Change Password Set Availability
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LearnPro Elearning Platform

Enter course name, description and set course status. LearnPro support local videos, youtube videos, vimeo videos, powerpoint slides and pdf files.
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AI Facial Recognition web system

AI Facial Recognition web system Facial recognition and facial detection web system in Python and Django. Upload images and let the AI find matches for people. With the following project you will be able to: Use it as it is for web facial recognition and facial detection Upload single images or multiple images to build a known faces library Find a match by facial recognition for a single image or multiple files Submit an image for facial detection Browse the results as Web client Access to the database and source code Use the recognition class for other projects Includes pre-trained data (pre-trained data from public libraries , you can also use your own training dataset or another public one) External Sources The model was trained using the following dataset: https://ibug.doc.ic.ac.uk/resources/facial-point-annotations/. How to Use: First, copy the two .dat files from the Part2 zip folder inside the Part1 zip folder (where the manage.py file is).
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POS And Inventory Management System for Shop Pharmacy Company

POS And Inventory Management System for Shop, Pharmacy, Company. This is the Point of Sale (POS) Inventory management system for small ,medium large company(Extended Version). In this POS and Inventory management system You will have the products information with selling price, buying price,category and subcategory.The products will be used as item and at the purchase time You can add multiple items and suppliers info and general information.at the Sale time you can add multiple items and customers info and general information.You can print out the pdf formatted invoice. FeaturesDashboard:After login You can see Dashboard with the current status of inventory,products,Purchase InvoiceProducts:You will have your products with category subcategory. You will enter there the customer info general info.Print the Invoice with pdf format RequirementsMaterial Used:HTML,CSS,JS PHP 5.6 CodeIgniter 3.1.11 Framewok MYSQL 5.6 InstructionsSettings installation guideMYSQL:Database:The database and its tables is in zip folder.In PhpMyAdmin make a database name and click import.now browse and select .sql file from unzipped folder and after submitting You can see all the tables there.PHP:config.php:Path : application/config/config.php Enter your domain name here example : http://www.example.comdatabase.php:Path : application/config/database.phpEnter your database name,username password
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Getlink Mixdrop co and Fembed

Getlink Mixdrop co and Fembed Getlink Mixdrop.co and Fembed This is just the solution to the challenge Demo: https://zshorten.com/pM3AG
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Uber Clone Taxi Booking System with Panels

Check below to get like apps and web panel demo links. It will even help you to enhance the overall performance of your business and facilitates you to meet all your business demands.
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Delivery App with Source Code

Our advanced all-in-one delivery app solution to support delivery businesses to manage and control all the tasks more efficiently and systematically. App owners are provided with complement features using which they can modify the app to run their business in any area of their choice, this complement features include:App theme change.Language change.Currency change.Multiple payment gateways.Besides this, there are many more features that they can leverage when they consider opting for this advanced solution.
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Loan Manager PHP Loan Management System

Loan Manager-PHP Loan Management System Loan Manager is fully functional PHP loan management system. Loan Manager can be used to manage borrowers from first steps of loan acquisition to loan repayments. Loan Manager simplifies the process by automating the tasks involved like auto calculations of interests using standard methods within and preparing amortization schedule (Repayment Schedule). SYSTEM FEATURES Easy Installation steps Supports Borrowers Login Friendly user Interface Supports bootstrap 3 Manages borrowers personal and financial information Manages different loan categories Manage Loan Disbursement Process (Application to Approval from Loan Officer level to Supervisor/Admin) Auto Interest calculations using inbuilt standard methods (Straight Line, Reducing Method, Compound Interest Method) Auto preparations of amortization/repayment schedules(Monthly, weekly or biweekly) Easy Company Settings Manage Loan Repayments (View Expected Repayments, Receive Repayments, View Overdue repayments and View Defaulted Loans) Sending Email Reminder for expected repayments Can export reports into PDF and Excel formats Staffs access levels (Admins, Loan Officers and Supervisors) REQUIREMENTS Loan Manager needs minimum requirements below to work: PHP 5.6 MySQL 5.x Web Browser (Mobile or Desktop) Code Editor(For Changing some settings in source code) DEMO Click This Link Staff Email: admin demo.com Password: admin Borrower Email: borrower demo.com Password: demo How to Use: We have documentation here on how to install and use the system in your server
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Streamio Movies streaming PHP script

Streamio - Movies streaming PHP script Streamio is a 100 responsive movies streaming php script and perfectly optimized for SEO. User role based system (administrators, authors, moderators). Google adsense ready. Movies data generator (title, images, description, actors ...).
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A Client / Server solution centralizing all data and informations. Expandable and secured ProPlacement is written in Visual Basic (version 6.0 ). The source code need Cyrstal Report 8 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and up. control regulation ratios computes exit value for each Fund allows a clear and fully automatic accounting Automatic portfolio valuation provides a matching for cash accounts setting up yearly management fees monitors subscribers subscriptions Processes Investments: Equity Securities: subscribed Common Shares and UCITS.
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Soft Music Player

Change Theme Color That you Like. Search your favorite music. You can customize music list according to you own choice. There are different listing like Songs, Albums, Playlists, Artist, Folders. - Create infinite playlists and organize your music. - Enjoy the beautiful and Attractive design.
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Elite Business Fashion Designner HTML Template

Attractive landing page, amazing portfolio gallery, nice hover effected service section and 100 responsive.Photos are only for demo content. Free support.
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Codeigniter 4 admin panel

Candle Codeigniter4 admin panel Requirements PHP 7.2 or newer is required Intl extension Mbstring extension Following PHP extension should be enabled: php.json php-mysqlnd php.xml A database is required MySQL (5.1 ) via the MySQLi Installation Create a new database using PHPMyAdmin A database file (candle.sql) is included with project files Upload or put candle directory to your server Go to app/Config/Database.php to configure database . You will see a login page your default login details are: Email: admin admin.com Password: admin1234
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Supplier Finder Flutter Animated UI

User enters a product name and search for it. Can be used as a part of an ecommerce application.
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Web 2 Apk Conver Your Website to Android App

If you have not Coding skills, don t worry You don t require any Coding skill, easy to Replace link, colors, and Strings without coding skills, get this Source code to make a Pro Web to App.
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React Native Chat Realtime and push notification firebase

React Native Chat Realtime and push notification firebase React Native Chat Realtime and push notificationChat app is project based on React Native framework. You can chat with foeach friend and group on real time.
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Twitter Bot Free Ver

# English ./py/clook.py: Set up a time scheduler to perform limited automatic tweets. ./py/index.py: A file to stabilize the operation. ./py/tweet.py: The file that contains the TwitterUtil class. # 日本語 ./py/clook.py: タイムスケジューラーを設定して、限定的な自動ツイートを行う。 ./py/index.py: 動作を安定させるための Twitter-Bot には必要ないファイル。 ./py/tweet.py: TwitterUtil クラスが格納されているファイル。
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Business Website Template HTML5 CSS3

This website template is for who want to have personal business website. On page there are information for person, skills, education sections. In addition there is a contact form bottom of website. It will be useful for your projects and personal using.
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BlogSystem PHP

BlogSystem PHP The proposed System will provide the user a systematic way for storing Blog information and publishing Blog Posts. The system will be user friendly as it design in a simple way with simple user interface using Laravel with Bootstrap-4. Share event with event description which can easily imported or exported in our application.
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Snake Game

When you die a little box pops up and asks to restart the game. The executable file is in the source code.
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