In this website,A boss or manager,can connect with his employers,The admin which is the boss have the ablity to create tasks for a spesific employer or a groupe employers of ,which  is a text format with and files,he and users can comment the task,when the user complete the task he  can ask the admin for marking the task as completed,the demand is text with files,the admin have the ability of accepting authenticated user(without his accept the user can't do anything), ban him or delete a user account entirly.

The user are categorize to a different groupes(admin can delete or add any category he wanted)

The website is made with laravel with 

Secure authentication system,each user have and identifier that he got from his email and with it he can login to his account,notification will be sent to  email,each time an event happened(task created,new user ...)an email will be sent to admin and user concerned. The code have high perfomance,nice UI and  website is tested many times,till  we fixed all the bugs.

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| Sep 27, 2019 | Price : 40$

Pretty much as advertised.

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