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Flutter Point of Sale With Finance and Dashboard

- Flutter: The app is developed in Flutter and, in this way, will be able to run on different platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS and for the Web. In this Beta phase we are doing tests on Windows and Android. - SQLite: The app is single user and works with a local database. The database chosen for this purpose was SQLite. - Moor: To facilitate the use of the SQLite database we use the ORM Moor - Barcode Scanner: Package used to scan the barcode of products using the cell phone camera. - Flutter Bootstrap: Package used to facilitate the creation of responsive layouts. - Priting: Package used to create amazing reports with Widgets with option to print and share PDF file. - Flutter Masked Text: Package used to create input widget with masks defined by the developer. - Bottom Reveal: Package used to reveal the bottom part of the screen in an animated way. - Flutter Sparkline: Package used to generate a simple sales graph on the Dashboard screen. - Awesome Dialog: Package used

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Restaurant Point of Sale system

By using this system, you will be able to save a lot of time and allows your business to boost its service quality. This also makes the process a lot easier for both customers and staff that lets you drive toward better profits.

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POS And Inventory Management System for Shop Pharmacy Company

POS And Inventory Management System for Shop, Pharmacy, Company. This is the Point of Sale (POS) Inventory management system for small ,medium large company(Extended Version). In this POS and Inventory management system You will have the products information with selling price, buying price,category and subcategory.The products will be used as item and at the purchase time You can add multiple items and suppliers info and general information.at the Sale time you can add multiple items and customers info and general information.You can print out the pdf formatted invoice. FeaturesDashboard:After login You can see Dashboard with the current status of inventory,products,Purchase InvoiceProducts:You will have your products with category subcategory. You will enter there the customer info general info.Print the Invoice with pdf format RequirementsMaterial Used:HTML,CSS,JS PHP 5.6 CodeIgniter 3.1.11 Framewok MYSQL 5.6 InstructionsSettings installation guideMYSQL:Database:The da

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