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Porto Responsive portfolio for your gigs

-> Responsive design -> Modern design -> Clean code -> Well commented -> Easy to edit -> Single page application -> HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap -> Smooth scrolling -> Using google fonts -> Integrated google maps, contact form -> Stylish footer

added by ramijraj01767

Platform for remote job hunting

Product features User panel Company panel Add jobs to favorites (for user role) Apply jobs (for user role) Create new job (for company role) See the applicants (for company role) Role authentication Approve users/companies with email authentication Responsive theme Update photos/details in user and company panel

added by alex42q

Coffee Shop Template

Source Code Features:- -Fully Responsive For Each Screen -Smooth Workflow -W3C Validated All Pages And Stylesheets -Easy To Use -Handy Source Code -Latest Technologies Used

added by Amaan1122

ecommerce project

Features of our project 1) Delivery boy integration 2) Overview data of sell 3) Analytics data of sell in the form of chart 4) Payment methods A) Cash On Delivery (cod) B) Pay through card 5) Fully Responsive on any devices 6) You can add multiple size , colors , and images for product and trending Effects i.e GlassMorphism

added by Adibhai123

Bulletin Board Modern PHP Forum Platform

- Forum Managements: Create/remove forum with both type: Normal or Private - Firewall: Up to 5 layers firewall: 1. Block username -> 2. Block ip address -> 3. Block browers name -> 4. Block Operating System -> 5. Block Device Type -Message Ads Management: Create & send message to all members just 1 click - Thread Ads Management: Create & pin thread in forums with start date & end date - Professional BBCodes default: + [hide]: Hide content with many condition + [gallery]: Create gallery show on thread + [random]: Show a random line in content

added by coffeecmsteam

OmniCart eCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Classified Ads Platform

Selling of physical and digital products License Key generation, with integrated license verification for sold products Attributes (Category based) Variations (Efficiently create product variations) Regular & Sale Price Wishlist Cart Refund Support Product Statuses (Pending, Draft, Hidden, Out of Stock, Deleted) Vendor or Admin based shipping options (Automatically calculates shipping price based on location and weight) Sorting (Most Recent, Lowest/Highest Price, Highest Rated) Advanced filter system with dynamic product count (Categories, Price, Category based attributes, and thumbnails change based on the filters variation match) Bank Transfer Checkout Cash on Delivery Checkout Credit Card Checkout Guest Checkout (Can be set based on payment method) Direct Checkout (Skipping the cart) Keep track of guest orders by email, so they have access to everything when they sign up Order Statuses (Pending Payment, On Hold, Processing, Shipped, Cancelled, Completed, Refunded, Pending Approval)

added by pixobit

Online Cosmetic Website

The website helps to buy and sell cosmetic products online. It has a web app, seller panel, and admin panel. Built in Laravel. It has features like register, wishlist, cart, orders. The main aim of this project is to manage all the details about the product, customer, etc. There are two types of users available in the project, the first one is customer, and the second one is Admin. In this project, the admin can add new system users, cosmetic products, products company, product types, orders, order summary, etc. It tracks all the information and details.

added by rupali

Color Lines connect dots Unity game with AdMob ads

- One touch controls - Easy to reskin - Ready for release - Endless puzzle game - Integrated AdMob Ads

added by NeonSpaceFighter

Medical erp

BUSINESS BUSINESS ESSENTIALS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) TABLE OF CONTENTS What Is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)? Understanding Enterprise Resource Planning Benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Special Considerations ERP Solutions Providers Examples of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning FAQs The Bottom Line What Is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)? Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a process used by companies to manage and integrate the important parts of their businesses. Many ERP software applications are important to companies because they help them implement resource planning by integrating all of the processes needed to run their companies with a single system. An ERP software system can also integrate planning, purchasing inventory, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and more.

added by karthisc015261

E commerce web application with Django Framework

Product Features 1. Add product: Add product easily by admin panel, 2. Get orders: Easily get orders and see it in admin panel. 3. Categories: Users can visit a page that displays a list of all product categories. 4. Django Admin Interface: Via the Django admin interface, a site administrator can view, add, edit, and delete any products, orders

added by Behzod

IEW Interactive Event Wall

Don't need mySQL databases. It uses SleekDB. Wall Monitor APP Mobile APP Login by Facebook (your profile photo'll be used) or create account with your e-mail Send images from your phone or take a shot with your phone and send to Wall Monitors Change the title of your images or delete your own images Send messages to the Wall Monitors Search for images See the list of registered users and their owngalleries Share the images Rotate image before upload image

added by serit pt752979


Fully Functional with front end as well as Back end having admin module and user module seperate. Develeoped using Java spring boot and used Mysql workbench for backend database. Perfectly running on local server tomcat.

added by siddharthj173


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