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HERMEX Crypto Currency Trading Bot

HERMEX is a new crypto currency trading bot supporting numerous exchanges via API and all kinds of pairs that are supported by those exchanges.

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Stock Market and Cryptocurrency Application

- Lists of indices, cryptocurrencies, stocks and ETF's - Very clean design - Fully customizable - Very easy to maintain - Only requires an API key, which can be created for free - Very clean code (NO compiler warnings or errors) - Code is fully documented in Javadoc - Creates an individual chart page with all important values for each share

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Crypto Casino Crash Mines Dice and much more

We always provide source code. These "services that will setup everything for you" are going to provide you a server which you won't have access to. It's a scam.

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Block Explorer for Ethereum Web App

This is a web app, running in a browser. You run the server and use the UI to query the block data information. You will need a running Ethereum node to integrate this project. Same with transactions: You have a transaction address and want to know all information related to it, just type it in.

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React Module Crypto Charts

Data is provided by coindesk. Mouse hover effect shows a tooltip of the day and price. Easily include this in any existing React project. Flexible code base.

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BitcoinCash Address Generator

Ready to adapt. Just open this in a web browser and use the function to generate addresses. Private keys are shown on the screen without protection. Add additional security measures for generation and display if needed.

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Crypto Currency Price Module

Crypto Currency Price Module This project is designed to solve the problem of getting crypto currency pricing data in your solution and doing so robustly. Using a nice and simple to use java workflow. Easy to implement and add or combine with any existing project. Most services and solutions rely on one data source for their data, meaning one point of failure.

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Node JS Bitcoin Blockchain API

A lazy API here is a name for an API that does NOT require you to run your own Bitcoin Node. Which is usually the case. This API interfaces with one of the many public website APIs to read out the blockchain s data.This code provides functionality to do anything you may want from blockchain data, however only read operations.Check out blocks, addresses, transactions. Easily integrated on your Node JS server.

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Bitcoin controller per PHP Web Server

Bitcoin controller per PHP Web Server This is a code will show you how you can write PHP code on your web server to connect to your Bitcoin Node.Whether you are a merchant, payment operator or have other uses for the Bitcoin network, this code base will make it possible to:Send CoinsScan the block chainRead your balanceSee UTXOsList transactionsSee incoming transactions per txid If you are a serious bitcoin user, like using them for payments, it is heavily recommended to run your own node to ensure your own transactions.So this code is meant to interface with your running bitcoin node.

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Bitcoin Java Module

Bitcoin Java Module Code set for easy entry into using Bitcoin in Java This project gives you an easy entry into using Bitcoin via Java. Supplied is a template class using the library called BitcoinJ. The template will make it easy for you to set up bitcoin, initialize it and run common tasks using the supplied methods and example classes. The code supports wallet management.

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Bitcoin Wallet Template Fully functional

Bitcoin Wallet Template Fully functional Your own bitcoin wallet. You can manage your wallet, import one if the file is put into the root folder, or create a new one. Balance is calculated. You can send Bitcoins to a target address.

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