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Download Real-time Chat iOS App Source Code to jump-start the development of your own chat social app. Inspired by Messenger design, app is integrated with the Firestore Messaging backend system, to provide real-time scalable chat functionality for iOS apps.

Build your own Messenger clone, Whatsapp clone or a clone of Line or iMessage by buying this complete chat app Source Code.

App Features :

Private Chats

Group Chats

Photo Messages

Video Messages

Audio Messages (Recorded messages)

Firestore Backend

Typing Indicators

Online Status (Online Presence)

Message Read Status / Seen Status (including groups)

Friends Search

Photo Camera

Email & Password Authentication

Real-time updates & real-time messaging

Profile Photo Uploads with Firestore Storage

Settings Screen

Profile Screen
Full-Screen Photo Viewer with Zoom In / Out

Renaming groups

Leaving Groups

Firebase Auth & Firebase Database Firestore

Firestore Storage integration

Interactive Country Picker

Blocking Users

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Lowest Price
Average Price
AI Price Forecast
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SkullGamers2270 20 May, 2020

Customization I meant some changes in the codes of the chat add a few features in it

Ayyam Ahsan 20 May, 2020

Thanks For This Application nReally I helpfull for me

Ayyam Ahsan 20 May, 2020

Thanks For This Application nReally I helpfull for me

Ahsan Zahid Seller 19 May, 2020

Thanks Ayyam

SkullGamers2270 19 May, 2020

Can u provide demo also pl

Ahsan Zahid Seller 19 May, 2020

No Sir

SkullGamers2270 19 May, 2020

What are the server requirements ncan u work on customization

Ahsan Zahid Seller 19 May, 2020

use firestore authentication for a custom work on server you just create account and new project on Firestore Guide

Ahsan Zahid Seller 20 May, 2020


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