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16 Aug,2018

Need a modern dynamic style search box for a website?
This is a web element you can easily integrate with your project.
It features automatic suggestions and keyboard controls.
Dynamic predictions, depending on input. Asynchronous. Instant.
Easy to use.

This is a HTML / JavaScript element to add to your project. The suggestions are provided via JavaScript, no database involved here.

How to Use:
Add the markup found in the index.html and embed the javascripts and CSS files.
Check out the guide PDF file.

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| Sep 22, 2018 | Price : 5$

Perfect for my project. Thanx.

| Sep 24, 2018 | Price : 9$

I was able to cusstomize exactly how I wanted to.

| Sep 8, 2018 | Price : 8$

I find this very easy to learn and to use. thanks to the developer...

| Sep 21, 2018 | Price : 8$

Looks exactly like a google one.

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