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07 Feb,2020
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Argos is a web analytics platform template. it can be used to realize your own analytics data collecting system.

Also featured is shortening of links. Links can be created and then pasted and triggered anywhere.

Link creation features the option to Cloak, for cases in which redirects are not useful.
Links can be easily added, deleted and tested and are flexible with routing.

Test your data collection with one click of a button.
This project features an easy to copy and paste snippet which you can use on any page, to collect data (using your server as a backend).

Chart your data: You can easily select any column and render a chart which compares that column inside the data against each other.

Filtering data is easy, just click on any value inside the list of accesses and the entire list will be filtered by that value.

If you want to export the entire list of access as a CSV so you can use it in your favorite spreadsheet software, just clicking one button is enough to export it.
Using this software you can easily build your own click tracker, page funnel, analytics platform and more.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, SQL, PHP (Development used an Apache server)

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