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Video media consumption has shifted to online and we are still in the infancy of this industry. People want to consume video via the internet using streaming.

Build a video streaming platform on your own, using this app template.
This template features a custom video player (custom media controls / UI) for the mp4 file url playback but also supports YouTube embed playback. Basic search and filter is provided. Check out the video and screenshots.
A number of videos and categories are provided via json library file. There is also a side bar menu.

Written in Javascript/HTML using ElectronJS, this can used to build your code natively for Windows, Mac and Linux as a desktop application. It can also be ported to a normal website with minimal effort, by exchanging electron exclusive APIs.

How to Use

A prerequisite for this project, since it is built on Electron JS is nodeJS / NPM.

Make sure nodeJS and NPM are installed
Download Zip and extract
Run 'npm install' in the password manager folder
Now all the node modules are installed and downloaded.
Run 'npm start' to start the program up.

Please refer to the guide PDF for a full guide on this project.

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| 09/28/2018 , 13:27 | Price : 12$

Using was pretty funny but useful, it works. Nice video controls.



| 09/13/2018 , 20:39 | Price : 11$

Works pretty good. I adapts to different video libraries. I am tilting a lot. Learning curve or however you wish to put it. No problem, I just had to check the guide

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