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13 Sep,2018

Ticket systems are a common part your venture might need. Almost every business has to have some sort of communication or support system with it customers. No matter if it is B2B or B2C.
Apart from support, this is a generic system and can be used to track all sorts of information, including internal ones.

As a versatile template, this can be changed to match whatever you need.
How to Use:
Please read the guide PDF.
This project needs PHP 5.4 or higher. An SQL file for the needed tables is included.
Then host the folder on your server and navigate to the index.php.

User Guide Document

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Hello, I\'d love a source code like this but without the PHP or Server-side process. Can it be done? Thanks! Jay-

Pat Seller

Hey Jay. So in this codebase the tickets are in the database and we assume they get their from some outside process. It includes a page to open(create tickets). Now if you do this just with javascript, you cannot really have database connections, so you w

| Oct 1, 2018 | Price : 10$

When new tickets come in you can instantly see them, because the page refreshes itself which.

| Sep 30, 2018 | Price : 11$

This is a great time saver. so yeah, i give this two thumbs up or five stars up.

| Sep 29, 2018 | Price : 11$

Didn’t have time to develop something like this so I bought it. Very affordable and easy to modify

| Oct 4, 2018 | Price : 7$

A friend recommended this to me recently. Very slick. Fast and easy to manage.