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25 Dec,2019

Stickman is a game genre that has hundreds of millions of gamers around the globe with tens of millions of likes and regular users on mobile devices.The world's most successful endless stickman – It is now available with a unique and attractive gameplay mode

*APK Demo1: APK Demo link 1    APK Demo Link 2


###  tutorial and update document for:
  • Edit  Maps Stage, The speed of the player/ sprite Maps Stage
  • Edit The playing time of the Stage, Position Enemies Spawn,Time Enemies Spawn,Add new Style of Enemies…
  • Add New Stage
  • Add New Vehicle (Player)
  • Add New Mission

- Realtime Internet Daily Gift and Event Watch Unity Ads for Coins Now, users can not change the time on the phone to receive gifts.
-  Push Local Notification- A great way to keep users coming back to the game without asking for any additional permissions when you publish
- Project Update with Unity 2017.2.3f1 (64-bit)
- Fixed some minor bugs

  • Unity 2017.2.3f1 (64-bit) or higher (Support highest Unity Version)
  • Unity Ads for Free Coins and Continue game
  • Admob
  • Leaderboard for Android, Game Center leaderboard for iOS
  • In-Apps Purchase included
  • Share Native with image,subject,info game,link download
  • Hardcore gameplay, which is easy to begin, but difficult to become a master : Use the finger to control player (Tap,Swipe Up,Swipe Down,Release finger)
  • Amazing tricks and destruction
  • Sounds extremely exciting
  • Stickman style graphics, very easily publish to the store
  • Multiple maps (9) with dozens of extremely interesting quests waiting for you
  • Multiply vehicles (5): Free Boat, White Shark, Police Boat,Pirate Ships...
  • Weapon upgrade system (5)
  • Unique active physics system

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