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Updated 18 Mar,2019
Created 12 May,2017

Mobile Todo application developed with React-Native an using Google Firebase as back-end. Working on both IOS and Android platforms.
User create an account (email - pwd), can add items to the Todos list, and retrieve the list from any device, as it's saved in FireBase database.

How to Use

To build and run the application on your Android device, on a Android Virtual Device (AVD) or on the IOS simulator, please follow these steps:
• Download the project files
• Unzip the project directory
• After downloading, “cd” to the project directory and run “npm install”
• Launch the AVD or plug an Android device to your computer, with USB debugging option enabled (Only for android)
• Run “react-native run-android” or “react-native run-ios” to build and launch the app (the IOS simulator will be automatically launched)

More explanations in the UserGuide pdf.

Recommended to develop ToDo mobile application with React-Native and Google Firebase as back-end.

- By PieceX Management Team

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