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QR code Scanner - Generator is the fastest QR scanner app for Android in the Google play store to scan QR code for Android device.

Key features of QR code Scanner-Generator for android

• Simple and easy to use
• Scan QR code
• Generate various types of QR code
• Share generated QR code
• Store generated QR code for future
• Result of Scan QR Code Copy and Share
• Admob Integrated

Simple user guide as following:
• QR Code Scanner-Generator is extremely easy to use.
• To scan the QR code, simply open the QR code scanner align the code.
• QR Code Scanner-Generator can scan all types of QR code like text, url, contact, email, location, Wi-Fi and many other formats.
• After successful QR code scan user can copy result of scan and share with other.
• User can also generate various types of QR code like, Text, Email, Contact, Location and many more format.
• Generated QR code stores as history for future use. Also, Application have functionality to share created QR Code with others.

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Jean 12 Apr, 2020

Which version of android Studio is suitable for the source code nI can t also share my contact details but it seems as if your email address on the documentary guide is not working I wrote to several times without success

vminfoway Seller 12 Apr, 2020

vminfoway is valid gmail address Build gradle file s class path version is same as your installed Android version

vminfoway Seller 12 Apr, 2020

vminfoway at gmail com

Jean 11 Apr, 2020

Hello n i try to compiled the app on android Studio and a pop message show telling me that qr scan failed with 3errors n1 could not resolve all dependencies for configuration classpath n2 could not r solve com android tools buld gradle 2 3 1 n3 No cached version of the com android tools build gradle 2 3 1 available for offline mode n I don t really understand what it means I am not a will skilled android developer nYou can share me your email address or WhatsApp number for me to send you a screenshot image

vminfoway Seller 12 Apr, 2020

Here email address nt allowed Please change your build gradle file s class path as per your android studio version That s only problem Please share your contact details if possible for further conversation

Jean 08 Apr, 2020

I didn t understand you text option how My question was if the app can social media account qr code If no how can I integrate that in the app nAnd also to know if the source code is modifiable

vminfoway Seller 08 Apr, 2020

In text option just paste URL of fb profile or wa number and click on generate QR code

Jean 06 Apr, 2020

Hi nHow can I make the app to generate WhatsApp Facebook qr code as an in app purchases

vminfoway Seller 06 Apr, 2020

You can generate both QR code using Text option

lokeshwar 01 Apr, 2020

7 im sell QR code sell

vminfoway Seller 01 Apr, 2020

I don t ask for your price It s my price if you afford then you can buy it Cost is high because of code is well structured and bug free

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