More and more users switch to password managers. For good reason! Security is a major concern nowadays.
Many password managers exist, some as web interfaces and some as desktop applications.

This template provides a fully working protoype of a password manager. Including password encryption for security, being able to save passwords to clipboard directly without showing it on screen and so on.
Coupled with an elegant design.
You can add and remove ad many username/email/password combinations as you want; These are stored encrypted as a json file, holding all the data.
Every entry has a title name and a text field for arbitrary notes.
Encrypting is being done using AES.

This project uses ElectronJS which can used to build your code natively for Windows, Mac and Linux as a desktop application. It can also be ported to a normal website with minimal effort, by exchanging electron exclusive APIs.
How to Use:
A prerequisite for this project, since it is built on Electron JS is nodeJS / NPM.
* Make sure nodeJS and NPM are installed
* Download Zip and extract
* Run 'npm install' in the password manager folder
* Now all the node modules are installed and downloaded.
* Run 'npm start' to start the program up.

Please refer to the guide PDF for a full guide on this project.

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Because its javascript / electron I will probably port this to an extension.

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