On March 16 2019 wechat scene source code of imitated e commerce show provides online update cus


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26 Nov,2019
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The demo station is basically consistent with the source code. The demo station does not provide background demo. The front desk needs to register by itself!

Support show point to collect 4-year-old brand products! There is no after-sales service for buying pirated products from other stores!

Statement: the so-called "15. Several" on the Internet are all version numbers of the program.

Flash is not supported by default for collection. One mirror to get the head portrait video for the home page picture in picture related component case (if you need the above functions, you can customize the service price service

From now on: purchase this source code to send 30 days to copy the tool activation code! The official collection on the market can't collect templates without copying tools!

Repair log:

2019 source code currently provides online update service and needs to be authorized to update

On March 16, repair the front-end blank, unable to log in, emergency repair (v14.5-14.6)

March 12 optimize the impact of qinniu on local storage beautify the background UI (v14.3-14.4)

On March 10, the problem that the QR code of the background case did not display was fixed. The API failed (v14.2)

On January 11, a new home page template was added, which imitated Camry's very beautiful PC home page (v14.1)

Optimization of wechat sharing on January 10 (1.0 will cause the failure of images from time to time v14.0)

Fix the foreground font problem on December 28 (if v13.9 fails to upgrade, it will be solved later)

On December 27, new 7niu cloud was added (to solve the problem that the uploaded materials account for the server memory) v13.8

On December 8, a new template collection v13.7 for peer station was added

On November 29, the template center collection method was repaired! (you need to pay by copying tools) v13.6

On November 29, the user-defined scene loading logo problem v13.6 was fixed

Preview H5 is not the default cover loading site logo can be customized!

Repair map authentication problem v13.5 on November 28

On September 30, we fixed the problem that the kernel could not slide down! V13.4

On March 29, fix v13.3, the official collection rule problem

A note to all buyers: before the auction, it is suggested to consult customer service to understand the product is being purchased. In order to avoid unnecessary disputes, the procedure belongs to imitation products. With the original version may not be able to fully meet the requirements, after customer service provides a demonstration station, you are fully satisfied with the test before purchasing. Avoid unnecessary disputes between the two parties. Thank you for your support

About the profit model:

Media company = customers make H5 price custom show point scene collection free = save official show point recharge price

Platform mode = free scene charge to copyright Show point profit volume big transaction!

H5 has a big market! And it will change the template for a long time. Merchants need such scenarios for promotion. More direct communication than traditional advertising! Lower cost. Collection template can be used! We are also the actual operation of media companies

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