Ever used Spotify or similar apps?

This is a template for a music streaming application.

Some of the features include:
- Media controls / UI built completely from scratch
- Music library
- History
- Jump forward and backward, skip around/seek
- Play local files, stream files
- Search/filter by title or various tags like instruments or feel.

All of the basic functionality of such a music app are found here.
Of course this can be used for local files too instead of streaming, ideally both.

This project uses ElectronJS which can used to build your code natively for Windows, Mac and Linux as a desktop application. It can also be ported to a normal website with minimal effort, by exchanging electron exclusive APIs.
How to Use:
A prerequisite for this project, since it is built on Electron JS is nodeJS / NPM.
* Make sure nodeJS and NPM are installed
* Download Zip and extract
* Run 'npm install' in the password manager folder
* Now all the node modules are installed and downloaded.
* Run 'npm start' to start the program up.

Please refer to the guide PDF for a full guide on this project.

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| Sep 29, 2018 | Price : 11$

Pretty snappy for a prototype. COntrols look fancy

| Sep 24, 2018 | Price : 11$

Great investment. Love how I can add music.

| Sep 19, 2018 | Price : 11$

Excellent, no problems, customisable. Perfect desktop app for my needs