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This project is an ionic app with different utility functions, mainly to showcase a non trivial application at work.

There are 3 tabs:

  • Taking Notes

  • Weather and clock

  • Stock quotes

In the notes section you find logic and UI code to add new notes, edit them, change the CSS/UI depending on what is selected, delete notes, as well as all the relevant logic code, such as saving and loading the list of notes to and from storage, so that the list does not disappear.

On the weather and clock tab the user is able to type in any location on earth and get a best match. From that match, this code uses the longitude and latitude to poll the weather and the time.

The stock tab polls a number of common stocks to check as well as the possibility for the user to search for any term and get the stock and it’s quote for the best match. The search term does not have to be a symbol, it can be part of the name or description etc.

All those external data sources are supplied via ajax calls of course.

This app was written with Ionic 5.2.1. Some of the syntax and imports are different with other version, so if you want or have to use an older version keep that in mind.

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