Hospital Management System Health Care Hospital

06 May,2020
User Guide Document


Features overview of Hospital Management System:
Login and make basic account
Setup user account
Options for top level admin functions
Patient info registration
Patient functions such as Make OPD invoice, Admit to Hospital and more
Edit/Update/Delete data functions
Patient Invoices
Room availability
Admin Patient Information
Installation Steps:

Create a new database 'hospitol'
Import the database file from the 'Database' folder
Important note is given on a file within the project folder. Be sure to read the file before running the application.

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SysconInfotech2302 07 May, 2020

Need for details of the suite

VasanthaKumaar8489 Seller 08 May, 2020

Hospital Management System Health Care Hospital is designed for managing details about hospital patient employee and rooms 10 Designed by using HTML CSS JS JQUERY PHP procedural php MYSQL

VasanthaKumaar8489 Seller 08 May, 2020

Import Database file from DATABASE and USERMANUAL folder User Manual Included 1 Create Account for System to create need to enter Top level Adminstration login details to system

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