This is a modern web element for any website.
Maybe you want to show different Heroes as your top eye-catching element. If so, why not use a slider. This slider can show different heroes, controlled via mouseover event.
Use as many slides / heroes as you wish.
Add titles, sub titles, description text, images.
Images will scale to the bounding box.
Easy to use.
Mouse over will change the hero with animation.

How to Use:
Just add a DIV and use the JavaScript to initialize it. Feed the JavaScript with a json object of your data / the slides and this slider will be built.

The JavaScript will build the slider into the div of the class ‘heroslider’.

Make sure to include jQuery and the CSS of the slider.



Eventually you want to set your slider data and initialize it.


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| Jan 8, 2019 | Price : 6$

I usually use Owl carousel but it's too heavy. I prefer this one, lighter and straight to the point