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16 May,2020
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Home Page: Application have rich home page with description of Company, Shares, Products, Latest Products, Menu, Header and footer,

Product Page: List all the products  from where User can add view and wishlist item from the list. User can add item  to cart or see the details view of the page.

Products Details: See all the other information of the price and have flexibility to add item to the cart.

Cart: List all the items which user have added in their cart , User can remove items from the cart at any point of time.

CheckOut: User have to checkout while providing some Shipping and payment details in thje forms.

Confirmation Page: Successfully checkout by user can see order confirmation page.

Admin Portal: Admin can manage products listed in the products page, See all reports monthly, Yearly and Weekly, Admin can see revenue generated sells happen per week, month and year, User Registered and information about the User.

About UsPage:

Contact Us page:

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Dheeraj Kumar 28 May, 2020

How are you James, Please let me know if you need any details about the product or code. I am here to assist your any queries.

Dheeraj Kumar 28 May, 2020

Hello James\n

James Sarfo 28 May, 2020


James Sarfo 28 May, 2020


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