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11 Mar,2019

A UI for payment for android and ios with greate flare animations and pixel-perfect UI design. Easy to use and to integrate into any flutter project.
Credit card types recognition.
Flare animation on the credit card image as well as the payment success popup.
Bloc Design pattern.
The project is using dart flutter and Flare and FontAwesome.
How to Use:
Unzip the folder you downloaded.
Download and unzip the .zip file.
Copy the decencies from the pubspec.yaml file
Run Flutter: Get Packages
Copy the Assets folder (Contains a Flare animation), and the lib folder content
Call the CreditCardPage statelessWidget as one of your routings.

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Angelodiaz 27 Dec, 2019

Hello nCan you tell me in which language the application is written Thank you

mars Seller 27 Dec, 2019

Hi this is written in dart Flutter SDK for mobile apps

Angelodiaz 27 Dec, 2019

Hello nwhich language its written he application

| May 12, 2019 | Price : $

Beautiful UI, easy to customize and very well explained.

| Aug 21, 2019 | Price : 20$

Great Price

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