Flutter APP For Wordpress & WooCommerce

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29 May,2019

Flutter APP For Wordpress & WooCommerce

A good starter pack for your E-commerce business. If you already have a Wordpress with WooCommerce plugin and you would like to expose your products to the mobile users through an app, an Android or IOS app, then this project source code is for you.

UI Features:

  1. Explore the blog posts and put them into an auto animated slide.

  2. View a blog post on the web.

  3. Explore your categories

  4. Explore your products 

  5. View product details, description, size, colors, pricing, and pictures.

Very easy to integrate and use. I will be happy to help you if you have any questions or requirements.

How to Use:

The ordered steps to make it work.

1. Run this command.

flutter packages get

2. Change this line into the keys.dart file.

final apiBaseuri="";

3. Run the app on your device or simulator.

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