Emmica Juice Burger and Car wash Management System

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Application written in Python code to develop a system that help to record all
sells in business place, the system is divided into JUICE AND BURGER restaurant
and CAR WASH, all sales are saved into two databases, one database is for Juice
and Burger another database is for Car wash. UI is written in python code and
Backed is written by
MySQL using Python module PyMySQL it helped to create this database. Application
record each time we sell our products find total cash and Net pays depending on
discount or payments for worker.  

Highest Price
Lowest Price
Average Price
AI Price Forecast
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navin prakash tiwary 28 Mar, 2020

i bout this item

Fadhili Mgoba Seller 29 Mar, 2020

It s for two businesses in one place two databases one for Restaurant and the other for Car wash Bay the Aim is to save all the sells in database calculate profit and give a sell specific reference number everytime you do a sell the system is going to record time and date of a sell

Fadhili Mgoba Seller 29 Mar, 2020

how can I send you a Demo

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