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Version 3.1.0
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E-Commerce Android App v3.1.0

- Build in latest Android Studio 3.5.0
- Update to latest Gradle Tools and Library
- Update targetSdkVersion 29
- Migrate to AndroidX
- Fix error when checkout order
E-Commerce Android App v3.0.1

- Update additional libraries to the latest version
- Fix email notification not received for administrator side
- Fix displayed product id on cart menu
- Removed unused jar libraries
E-Commerce Android App v3.0.0
Important Note : This version is not compatible with older version, so, using this latest project and admin panel are mandatory.

New Features & Improvement
- Build in latest Android Studio 3.3.2
- Update to latest Gradle Tools and Dependencies Library
- Bring NEW DESIGN Changes applied to the Android App and Admin Panel
- Buyer Profile and Order History Features
- Integrated with OneSignal Push Notification
- Push Notification can be Sent from Admin Panel
- Push Notification to Open Product Detail
- Receive Push Notification when Order Processed or Canceled
- Receive Email Notification when there is an Order
Removed Features
- Eclipse Project Removed (Deprecated)
- Older Version Removed (Deprecated)
E-Commerce Android App v2.0.0

- Build in latest version of Android Studio
- Update additional libraries to the latest version
- Migrate from Parse to OneSignal Push Notification
- Google Analytics is Available Now
- Navigation Drawer with Header Image
- Swipe Down to Refresh Menu
- UI Improvement
E-Commerce Android App v1.2.0

- Available for Android Studio Version
- Add Compatibility for larger device screen size
E-Commerce Android App v1.1.0

- Improvement UI Design
- Parse push notification
- Image cache with more faster
- Add new field form user in checkout menu
- Fix error in search menu with space character
- Improvement Admin Panel with more user friendly UI
E-Commerce Android App v1.0.0

- Initial Release

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